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Viagra Connect & Sildenafil
Viagra Connect & Sildenafil
Viagra Connect & Sildenafil
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Viagra Connect & Sildenafil

Price List

Viagra Connect (expensive) or generic Sildenafil (low cost) from £2.00 per tablet

Viagra Connect and Generic Sildenafil contain the same medically active ingredients

Price From:

Price includes Prescription and Delivery

Medicine Info

About Viagra Connect

Viagra Connect is an over the counter product that is now available without a prescription. So will it be as easy as picking this up with your weekly shopping?

Viagra connect has a license to be sold only from a pharmacy. This is because you will be required to have a face to face consultation with the pharmacist to make sure it is suitable for you. Like your Doctor would.

It is available just as one strength (50mg) and in packs of 4 and 8.

At Men’s Pharmacy we offer a full range of products to help with ED.

  • We offer Viagra and the generic version Sildenafil.

  • Different strengths to suit different patients (25mg, 50mg, 100mg)

  • Alternative products if needed.

We allow you to have a consultation online and have it looked at by our UK registered prescribers.

Then rather than picking it up at the pharmacy it is posted directly to you.  

Medicine FAQ's

Will you be changing your Viagra prices?

Viagra is just the brand name for the drug Sildenafil. Pfizer charge a higher price for this drug than other companies and so the price remains higher. However the Sildenafil prices that we offer are much cheaper.

What strengths does Viagra Connect come in?

Just the one. 50mg. However if you fill carry out a consultation with Men’s Pharmacy we can offer 25mg or 100mg as well. Depending on your needs.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, but not over the counter. At Men’s Pharmacy we offer a full range of treatments for ED. We specialise in ED and so we can offer the right treatment for you. For a full range treatments please see (link).

Viagra Connect vs Sildenafil

Viagra Connect vs Sildenafil

Viagra Connect is medically the same as Sildenafil. In fact Viagra Connect contains Sildenafil as its active ingredient. The difference is just in the name.

This make Sildenafil much cheaper for you. At Men’s Pharmacy you will paying as little as £2.00 per tablet compared with at least £5 per tablet for Viagra Connect.

As well as saving you money it can also save you time. Rather than going to the pharmacy every time you need a box we can send it directly to you for your convenience.

Viagra Connect vs Tadalafil

Why Should I consider Tadalafil instead of Viagra Connect?

Tadalafil is a different drug to Sildenafil contained in Viagra Connect. It is not available over the counter but is preferred by some men.

Firstly Tadalafil works quicker than Viagra Connect. Viagra Connect takes up to an hour to get into the system however Tadalafil works in around half that time.

It also lasts a lot longer. Viagra Connect is active in the body for around 4 hours after it is taken but Tadalafil is available for up to 36 hours.

And finally Viagra Connect should not be taken after a large meal. Tadalafil on the other hand is not affected so can be taken at any time during the day.