How To Get Better Erections

Healthy and desired erections are the basic requirements of a healthy sexual relationship. Erection is a process of hardening the penis which causes it to enlarge and stand up before the sexual intercourse. Erection of the penis occurs due to the filing of the penile arteries with blood. After intercourse, the erections disappear due to release of semen, the process named as ejaculation.
In boys, the erection and ejaculation can occur during sleep and this is known as wet dreams.
An erection results due to the change in the blood flow in the penis of a person after getting aroused due to a sexual stimulus. The stimulus may be a movie, a fantasy or even without any specific reason. It causes the expansion of the blood vessels of the penis resulting in hardening of the tissues of corpus cavernosum.
In some men, mostly above the age of 40 years erections decrease or sometimes diminishes. There may be several reasons behind the problem and proper consultation is required. Sometimes there are underlying medical problems that are associated with it and have to be treated for eradicating the problem. In many cases, the erections are decreased only due to a bad lifestyle. What if you are told that before indulging in a pharmaceutical treatment wouldn’t it be better to give it a chance by just making a few changes in your daily routine, lifestyle and dietary habits.
Whatever may be the reason, it should be treated with proper medication or change of lifestyle regarding the situation after proper diagnosis. Discussed below are few suggestions on how to get better erections.


Physical Measures for better Erections:

Sometimes just by changing the sedentary lifestyle and few other habits can improve the sex life of a person.
Proper blood flow is the basic requirement of the healthy erections and proper exercise improves blood flow like nothing else. Aerobic exercises and other physical exercises keep you in shape and improve nitric oxide levels in the body which helps in making the erections better.


Quit the Smoking:

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky states that the sex life of a smoking person lies at a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10. However, non-smokers rated themselves at the position. Smoking is a major factor contributing to impotence as well affecting the strength and size of the erection. Smoking not only damages the blood vessels but also the tissues of the penis, thus making the organ less stretchable and elastic.


Intake of coffee:

A study by the University of Texas Health Sciences has found that coffee can be helpful in improving the erections. The erections are found better in men consuming 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day are less susceptible to erectile dysfunction than those who do not take any caffeine-free beverage.



The neurological and psychological anxiety have a direct effect on the erections of the men. A major risk that prevails in the mind of men is unwanted pregnancy due to sperm transfer. The risk of the contraceptive failure leads to unsatisfactory sexual relation resulting from low erection frequency or quality thus killing the mood due to tension.
A good solution to this issue is Vasectomy, once you have finished with the production of offspring. Due to the absence of risk of sperm transfer the quality of erections improves.


Faithfulness with your partner:

A hidden affair can have a psychological guilt of cheating on your partner, resulting in decreased erections. Anxiety and guilt kill the mood and in turn, kills the erection. It has to be eradicated for a healthy sex life.


Controlling blood sugar level:

Diabetes is the major contributor to impotency. Nearly 50% of men having diabetes are impotent or have reduced erections. Diabetes causes a decrease in the transmission of nerve stimulus along the neurons in the entire body including the penis, therefore, reducing the natural erection after a sex stimulus. Diabetes also accelerates the diseases of the arterial obstruction or rupture thus reducing the blood flow which is a major contributor to keeping the penis erect during the intercourse process.
The best way to avoid the problem is to keep blood sugar levels as well as body weight under control. In case of severe symptoms consult a physician for proper treatment with the help of medicines.



Try to avoid penile rupture or injury:

The penis is the basic sex organ. Any damage or rupture to the organ tissues, corpus cavernosa involved in elongating the erectile chambers may result in complete loss of erections. In case of a rupture or damage, immediate treatment should be taken to avoid the maximum loss. In case of a complete rupture, surgery within 24 hours is the only option to stop the internal bleeding, thus reducing the chances of permanent damage.
If proper treatment is not adopted then the tissues of corpus lining may lose their elasticity leading to deformation, pain and ultimately impotence. to avoid the penile rupture, it is important to be careful about sex position during intercourse.


Make Walking a routine:

In a recent study, researchers have found that walking about 1 or 2 miles on a daily basis reduces the erection problems. People having a Sedentary lifestyle are prone to erection problems. The basic reason is that blood clots occur in less active people which causes an obstruction in blood flow or stiffen the arteries.
The more the person is active, the healthier is the sex life by the release of chemicals into the bloodstream.


Good and plenty Sleep:

Like every other system of the body, the sexual system also affected if not have adequate sleep. Plenty and good sleep affects the sexual system and keeps the organ oxygenated by having good blood circulation. Good nocturnal erections have a positive effect on the flexibility of the erectile tissues.


Medical treatment:

Sometimes medicines are the only option left for the proper treatment of the impotence. If the condition is critical or happens on the regular basis then a proper checkup from a medical practitioner is required. The most commonly used medications used are PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc.

A very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet. Symptoms of Erectile dysfunction, impotence, lessened erections and other such disorders can be improved in many cases by improving the dietary habits. Discussed below are few foods that have proved scientifically helpful to improve the erections in men.


Testosterone is a significant hormone playing an important role in the proper functioning of the male reproductive system. The research performed on various animals have proved that garlic can increase the testosterone levels in the body thus increasing the libido and erections. Various other benefits found in the studies aa re reduction in inflammation, low blood pressure and increased levels of nitric oxide. All these factors are helpful in getting good erections.
Garlic also activates the eNOS system of the male body which is a trigger for the synthesis of nitric oxide which widens the blood arteries, therefore improving the blood circulation. The consumption of garlic reduces blood pressure therefore it is obvious that it increases the quality of erection because high blood pressure is one among the basic causes leading to erectile dysfunction in men.
The reason behind the decreased blood pressure due to garlic intake a is high dose of vitamin C in it which increases NO resulting in decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


Citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C:

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon etc are rich in vitamin C and when combined with garlic they can be very effective in lowering the blood pressure. Vitamin C also helps increasing nitric oxide levels and as mentioned above this is a great phenomenon for good sexual activity.
Citrus fruits are a good source of flavonoid quercetin which increases the arterial nitric oxide leading to a decrease in blood pressure. A study performed on 805 men belonging to Finland showed that men used to have a good quantity of flavonoids intake are less likely to have heart disease chances due to a healthy vascular system. It is noteworthy that good vascular system is a key for good erectile function. It is also important to state that quercetin is helpful in lowering the LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL i.e. good cholesterol levels. Therefore, with a good intake of citrus fruits and exercise can be helpful in bringing good erections.



There is an aphrodisiac effect in the oysters thought to be helpful in increasing the libido. There is no scientific evidence about oysters being effective in directly affecting the erections by increasing blood flow, but this sea food is found to be rich in zinc magnesium, selenium, copper and vitamin D. All these metals are very important in the production of testosterone hormone thus improving the erection quality. It is a fact that it is impossible to have complete and firm enough erections in the absence of testosterone level so its good to make oysters a part of your daily diet.



Beets are usually considered a cardiovascular super hero. The natural nitrates present in the beets converts the nitritines into nitric oxide by using the bacteria present in the tongue. The increased consumption of this nitrate rich food release more nitric oxide into the bloodstream and is proved to be one of the best foods in improving the erectile dysfunction.
Many supplement industries are using the benefits of the beets, also beet root extract is becoming traditional as a pre-workout supplement for improving muscles.



Blueberries are incredibly filled with nutrients good for health. Blueberries contain antioxidants which are found to have an impressive effect but most important it contain flavonoids and phenols helpful in improving erections quality. Daily consumption of blueberries causes a decline in arterial stiffness and thus reduce the blood pressure. Blueberries are also associated with machinery involved in improving the health of muscles, smooth as well as vascular.


Green vegetables rich in nitrates:

Arugula, spinach, butter leaf, beet greens, kale etc are vegetables rich in nutrients. Although, it is already known that it is advised by medical practitioners to have vegetables in a good ratio in your diet. Along with other health benefits, green vegetables are found to be a best as well as a cheap option for improving erections. As mentioned above beets contain dietary nitrates into nitritines by bacteria present in the tongue.


Dark chocolates:

It is heared many times by all of us that chocolates are healthy and helpful in increasing life span. The chocolate which is specifically beneficial to the heart and arteries is dark chocolate containing a high percentage of cocoa.
Various benefits are associated with raw chocolates.
Considered as most nutritious food for good erections.
It naturally increases the nitric oxide input
Causes reduction in blood pressure
Raw chocolate can double the number of cells necessary for a healthy vascular function
All these things are in some way related to good sexual health as well.


Chilli peppers:

Chillies peppers have a good quantity of capsaicin alkaloid which is extremely beneficial for improving the nitric oxide level, enhance circulation, causes a drop-in blood pressure and improves the vascularity.
Capsaicin also protect testosterone molecules from stress, therefore it is also observed that high-testosterone men seems to like hot and spicy food.



Pomegranate can be a magical thing for good erections, strength and improving testosterone levels. Pomegranate can also be termed as very close to being a natural Viagra. It is very rich in antioxidants and performs all the functions that are associated with the good health of a man generally and particularly the circulatory system.
Increases the number of cells in arterial walls
Reduces LDL levels
Increases testosterone level to about 24% on average

All of the remedies or solutions provided in this article are a non-medical way to improve your erection related symptoms. The given combination of food, exercise, life style improvements and testosterone optimization can normalize the erection function and my even improve it to your required consent.
Basically, nowadays more and more people are suffering from hormonal and cardiovascular health issues. In the same way, the erectile problems are also on a steep incline and the basic reason in many cases is just having a bad or unhealthy life style.
Many people directly jump to the doctors prescribed medications like PDE5 inhibitors instead of seeking out for natural solutions that can alleviate the symptoms. It is true that these natural remedies cannot fix the underlying medical disorders causing weak erections. In such case, it is mandatory to consult a health practitioner.


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