This Is Sexy

If you’re not already aware of what this article is about, I suggest checking out our most attractive man and woman landing page.


This is going to be what I’d describe as a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the science driving the results – How we arrived at the final product, interesting stats, and some fancy visualizations to top it off.
Before I get into the stats, let’s have a look at how we arrived at the results.



The method behind the beauty

Using the results from the top 50 most attractive men and women voted for by the public, every headshot of those in the top 50 had their facial features defined as you can see to the right, (Tom Hardy was voted the most attractive man of 2018, by the way) before aligning these features across every single one of those in the top 50. This enabled us to create a median composition of the hottest men and women of 2018 which allows an average of every person’s facial features to shine through and create what should be universally accepted as sexy.

Of course, there’s always going to be naysayers, but I’m pretty sure this is about as scientifically sound as you can get to the world’s (average) sexiest man.

Using the final product as a baseline, facial recognition software is used to identify and compare an individual’s facial features to that of the mean composition created.
For a more detailed example of the process and to test yourself against the world’s sexiest man and women, check here.



Facts & Finds


To make each of the results more readable, blue represents the 50 most attractive men, and the red represents the 50 most attractive women. The majority of votes for the 50 most attractive men came from women, and the 50 most attractive women were voted on by men.


Both men and women with blue eyes were voted for more often than any other eye colour – Although second to blue, men with brown eyes were preferred whereas women with green eyes were voted higher.


    • 42% of the men had blue eyes, compared to 32% of women
    • 22% of men had brown eyes, compared to 14% of women
    • Dark brown eyes were just as popular across both genders with the public voting for 16% of men and women
    • The largest disparity is with green eyes with just 8% of men and 20% of women having them in the top 50
    • 10% of the men had hazel eyes, compared to 16% of women

Pretty even across both genders!



The results start to get a bit more interesting the further you look into them. Looking at the professions of those in the top 50 most attractive, it’s no surprise that the majority of them were actors.


What was a bit more surprising, however, is the fact that both 36 of the most attractive men and women were actors, but the remaining 14 people were far more diverse in the job sector across men than women. Possibly women have a more varied taste in professions when looking at those of the opposite text?

    • 72% both men and women were actors
    • 16% of women were athletes, compared to 4% of men
    • 12% of the women were musicians/singers, compared to 16% of men
    • Men voted for women spread across 3 professions, whereas women voted for men across 7 different professions
    • Prince Harry, Brooklyn Beckham, Joe Sugg, and Lucky Blue Smith all made the list as outliers





It’s obvious to see from these two charts that while men seemed to prefer women in their 20s, there’s not much of a difference in preference as they get older until a steep drop off into the 40s. Some of the female outliers in their 40s who made the list were Kate Beckinsale, and Charlize Theron. Women voted for men over a more even spread, but the sweet spot seemed to be for men in their 30s, while Brooklyn Beckham was an outlier making the list at just 19 years old.

    • Men didn’t vote on any women in their teens, but women did place Brooklyn Beckham in the top 50 most attractive men of 2018 at 19 years old
    • 16 of the 50 men were in their 20s, compared to 25 women
    • 24 of the men were in their 30s, compared to 28 women
    • 9 men were in their 40s, compared to just 2 women



The results we found most interesting were down to the nationality of those in the top 50. While women were slightly more varied when it came to the age of the men they found most attractive, men were far more diverse when it came to the nationality of the women they found most attractive. The top 50 most attractive men came from a total of 9 different countries, whereas men chose women from 19 different countries!

    • 50% of the men in the top 50 came from England, 52% of the women were American
    • 26% of the men were from America, whereas 20% of the women were English
    • 5% of the men were from Canada and Australia combined, leaving the last 19% of men all coming from other European countries
    • That’s 64% of top 50 men hailing from Europe, whereas only 30% of the top 50 most attractive women are European


So it looks like men have a more exotic taste when it comes to women! Some of the outliers include Mila Kunis from Ukraine, and Priyanka Chopra from India.






With all the results drawn from the study, it’s pretty clear that although women don’t seem to mind as much when it comes to a man’s profession, they are far pickier when it comes to your nationality! With English men coming out on top, has it got something to do with the British gentleman stereotype? Either way, it’s not working both ways for English girls. Both men are women are pretty equal when it comes to the age of beauty with your 30s being in 40% of the top 50s.

If you’re looking for love, however, according to the data, a woman’s ideal man is a blue-eyed English actor in their 30s, and the ideal women is a blue-eyed American actress in her 20s.

If you fit the bill, great for you! If not, it’s not the end of the world.